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Strange Tales #24 (Atlas/Marvel/1953) Pre Code Horror

Strange Tales #24 (Atlas/Marvel/1953) Pre Code Horror

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Cover art by Bill Everett. "The Things in the Coffins," art by Joe Sinnott; A drifter takes a job as cemetery caretaker, but when he notices that none of the tombstones have names, he digs one up only to uncover a buried invasion force from Pluto. "A Man of Decision" text story. "Mission to Mars!", art by Ed Goldfarb; In 2253 a diplomatic mission is sent to Mars to trade for food as Earth has been ravaged by atomic war; All of the men take their mission very seriously, except the young pilot who is kind of a class clown; He has a doll which resembles the captain and he makes it do a silly dance but the other men find no humor in his antics. "Russia!", script by Carl Wessler, art by Sam Kweskin; As Anastatia Romanov lies dying, she remembers the events of the Russian revolution and the execution of her family, along with the curse of Rasputin that if harm were to come to him Russia would be ruined. "Come In!", art by Vic Carrabotta; A young man about to enlist visits a fortune teller as he wishes to know if he will be killed in war; The fortune teller gazes into her crystal ball and tells him no, and he is relived until she hands his money back. "The Fat Man," art by Bob Fujitani; The ship's cook and two sailors are stuck on a life raft that reaches an island; The native chief lets the two skinny sailors go, but puts the obese cook in a caldron, as he is quite fat from eating food he hoarded from his comrades. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

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