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Tomb of Terror #2 (Harvey, 1052) Pre Code Horror

Tomb of Terror #2 (Harvey, 1052) Pre Code Horror

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Cover by Lee Elias. Stories and art by Lee Elias, Joe Certa, Moe Marcus, Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio, Rudy Palais and Joe Certa. Tomb of Terror was one of Harvey Comics' notorious pre-Code horror comics. A professor aspires to join an evil cult. Carl wants the Treasure of Golgoth, even if it costs the lives of his friends. A murderous ventriloquist steals an evil dummy that encourages him to kill again. Cult of Evil; The Quagmire Beast; The End; Atlantis; The Last Word; No Place To Hide!; The Crypt of Death. 36 pages, full color

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