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Strange Tales #5 CGC 4.5 (Atlas/Marvel 1952) Pre Code Horror

Strange Tales #5 CGC 4.5 (Atlas/Marvel 1952) Pre Code Horror

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The Room Without a Door, script by Hank Chapman, art by Joe Maneely; A scientist rejects science as useless for discovering the secret of time travel and turns to black magic instead; When he hears of a woman related to a witch burned in 1692 living nearby, he spies on her through a window and sees her summon the ghost of her ancestor. Welcome To the Werewolves text story. Little Man Who Was There, art by Jim Mooney; Dennis Ames keeps seeing a strange little man just before some disaster happens that he narrowly escapes, and he eventually comes to realize that he can't escape forever, because the little man is Death. The Trap, script by Carl Wessler, art by Manny Stallman. My Brother Harry, art by Tony DiPreta. 36 pgs. $0.10.

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