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Haunt of Fear #23 (EC Comics 2nd Series/1953) Pre Code Horror

Haunt of Fear #23 (EC Comics 2nd Series/1953) Pre Code Horror

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Cover art by Graham Ingels. Creep Course--The Witch's Cauldron!, art by Graham Ingels; A sorority girl tries to swing her ancient civilizations course with her good looks, but unfortunately for her, the professor is really into mummification. No Silver Atoll!--The Vault of Horror!, art by George Evans; A plane goes down in the ocean and the passengers make for an atoll where the captain announces they have a gun and a medical kit. Hansel and Gretel!--The Old Witch's Grim Fairy Tale!, art by Jack Kamen. Country Clubbing!--The Crypt of Terror, script and art by Jack Davis. 36 pgs. $0.10. NOTE: This issue was reprinted by East Coast Comics with a $1 cover a 1970s copyright date (See E.C. Classic Reprints #10). These and other changes make the reprint easy to distinguish from the original, which has a 10-cent cover price and a 1950s publication date.

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