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Beyond #15 (Ace Comics September 1052) Pre Code Horror

Beyond #15 (Ace Comics September 1052) Pre Code Horror

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Cover art by Ken Rice. Noose for a Magician, pencils by Lou Cameron; Englishman Gaxton learns powerful magic from an Indian fakir; Including a rope trick which leads to the region of the undead. Having learned all, Gaxton murders his master and starts performing on his own. Don't wake the Dead!, pencils by Jim McLaughlin; Delia, a medium at seances, is overpowered by visions of the dead, commanding her to help them kill all those who disturbed their rest; A young man tries to intervene, but the dead get their murderous revenge. The Gold Monster of Hell's Canyon, pencils by Bill Molno. The Harpy of Central Park, art by Chic Stone. 36 pages, full color.

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