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Thanos Quest #1 (Marvel, 1990)

Thanos Quest #1 (Marvel, 1990)

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1st Printing. "Schemes and Dreams!" Written by Jim Starlin. Art by Ron Lim John Beatty. Six Soul Gems. NOTE: This tale picks up after the events of Silver Surfer (1987 2nd Series) #38. Thanos the Mad Titan has been resurrected by the entity known as Death. Resurrected and given a dark mission. In order to accomplish this mission, Thanos will seek ultimate power - the Soul Gems! Individually, they contain power beyond comprehension. Together, they could destroy a universe. And Thanos must have them all.… Featuring the Elders of the Universe Champion and Gardiner, and the nefarious In-Betweener. 48 pages

Grade is 9.2-9.4

We are not professional graders but inspect every book to give you the closest grade being a little on the harsher side 

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