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Star Wars #1 CGC 7.5 (Marvel, 1977 Series) 1st Print

Star Wars #1 CGC 7.5 (Marvel, 1977 Series) 1st Print

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1st printing, standard 30 Cent Newsstand Edition with UPC. "A New Hope!" Part 1 of 6. Based on the screenplay by George Lucas. Adapted by Roy Thomas. Art by Howard Chaykin and Steve Leialoha.

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...the galaxy is engrossed in an intergalactic civil war. A small band of freedom fighters led by Princess Leia opposes the evil Galactic Empire and steals the plans to their most destructive weapon, the Death Star. Darth Vader, the most feared name in the galaxy, will stop at nothing to recover those stolen plans and the location of the Rebel's secret base of operations. Now, it's up to farm boy Luke Skywalker and a motley band of heroes to save the Princess and the galaxy from the darkness that has engulfed it.

Grade is 3.0-4.0

We are not professional graders but inspect every book to give you the closest grade being a little on the harsher side 

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